How I Live Now (Watermans Cinema)

Today I went on a little adventure to my local cinema in Brentford in the Waterman’s Art Building. I brought my ticket for How I Live Now and settled down in front of the small screen. 

I’d heard things about How I Live Now prior to watching and saw the trailer several times. So I was pretty excited about watching it. It was fantastic and exceeded my expectations. It gave the impression of a small Indie movie with perhaps not the biggest budget but that made it all the better. A story of survival against all odds in a dystopian UK future where nuclear war tears the country apart. It does not shy away from the explicit relationship between cousins. The brutality of the regime is also imposed mercilessly on the audience to an extent that I was shaking when it finished. 

Saoirse Ronan plays Daisy, the bratty American teen with a strong will power whose life is regulated by personal rules she must not break. However, after the war begins and life gets tough, she finds an inner strength to keep herself and her little cousin safe until they get home. I was impressed by Ronan, she is most definitely the actress of the moment and I think her brilliant talent will ensure her a successful acting career.

Directed by Kevin Macdonald, How I Live Now is a must see. I highly recommend bringing a box of tissues to the cinema with you because you will most likely cry.


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